Car sharing


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A quick introduction to the car sharing club Bilpoolarna i Uppsala. This project was made with the help of volounteers from the club, and using the vehicles of the club. It needed to be quick and pleasing to the weary eyes of the social media consumer. To this day, it has been viewed over 5k times on Facebook and generated visits and interactions with the club's Page and website. This spot has one shot with a 3D rendered model. See if you can find it! Music and voice-over produced in-house. Directed by Gabriel Gumucio.

  • Client:Bilpoolarna i Uppsala ekonomisk förening
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  • Skills:
    • 3D-animation
    • 3D-modelling
    • Direction
    • Filming
    • Live action integration
    • Music production
    • Script-writing
    • Sound recording
    • Voice over
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